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Quality checking

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    Karen Watson

    Can anyone tell me what percentage of their calls are quality checked?….and the methods used.


    You can sometimes buy add ons to call recording equipment which can be scripted to allow consistency of checking.

    Each QC process would be different for each company, consider what is important to you in the call, greetings, goodbye process, upsells, technical contents, tone of voice, sounding interesting, use of customers name, offer of further help, did they go that extra mile etc etc.

    You can use point scoring for each part to produce meaningful results.

    If you consider how long it takes to review a call, say 10 mins plus write up time. Take the time the reviewer has available, say 1 day a week. 7 hours = 42 calls a day less say 6 for non productive time. You can aim higher or lower if your resources allow. This could lead towards your percentage that can be evaluated rather than how many you want to evaluate.
    You may want a higher % value for new staff or staff who have not performed as expected and lower % figures for your best staff.

    Sunil Karnatki

    to add to karen’s suggestions. the enire 5age can be automated on tools like NICE and Etalk. The only manual work is the evaluation bit. You may also want to look at accuracy of data entered into the CRM and just how online it was. The reason I stress on this is because many agents to enhance productivy do work meant to be done online at an offline time and this disrupts the entire workflow and affects cycle times and finally customer service. You may aslo need to monitor skills of screen navigation and this done by sone good screen scho softwares. You can then have the evaluator do an online monitoring of the call and also see what the agent is actually doing on the screen online. This is another great tool that tells us if the screens are used adequately and the kind of information entered onto the mainframes or CRM’s. This is also a good tool for a technical call center where the agents take control of the callers machines and resolve issues on the call ROFC. Will let us know of training issues and pain areas.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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