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NEED CC for incoming calls from USA

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    I want to find a company that can provide me a complete low-cost solution for my call centre needs.

    General Overview:

    Phone numbers in every major US city going into the same call center. I do not know the best way to make this happen cheap.

    Group of people to take incoming calls in a very professional way. The phone must be answered differently for every line (different company name).

    Once answered by one person (the receptionist) the call must be put on hold and transferred to another employee. The receptionist needs to have a nice voice, but does not need to be smart, he/she only transfers the call to someone in the main call group. Very few receptionists will be needed as they are only on the phone for 15 seconds. Receptionist should be available 24/7 and tell people to call back during business hours.

    Main group of people (12 hours with 5 people working, need to be able to grow to 45 people) that will be able to answer the call, pull up the specific customer information based on name only. Once the information is up, they will need to read the other information on the screen back to the caller in a friendly sales-like manner, no technical information or support at all. They will need to input the callers name, company, and information into the database record.

    Callers may request the information be sent to them, if so, they must be told that it can be sent by fax. A document that is in the persons database file will then need to be faxed to the USA number provided (Internet fax can be used here).

    Another person is needed to do sales related e-mails and incoming phone calls. Very basic, most questions have pre-written responses. This position needs one person 24/7.

    Details Overview:

    1 Receptionist (24hours/5days)
    1 Sales (24hours/5days)
    5 Customer Relations (12hours/5days)
    200 USA incoming phone lines going to the receptionist

    Need to be able to change USA phone numbers every three months to new USA numbers.

    I can train people to do this job via. e-mail and phone.


    Does not matter, as long as everything is reliable, line quality is great, and the employees do not have a thick accent (very American sounding, some accent is OK, as long as it is not a distraction for callers).

    Thanks for any information anyone can provide. If you own a call centre, please quote a price here in the forum and break down the cost for each of the specific things I listed.



    could we talk it out?

    Bob Donhauser

    I have a call center already up and running do everything you have asked for. Only have one question why do you need to change the phone numbers every three months?

    Call Center is Access Outsource and is listed in the directory here in call centers, rest of world.


    Tejas Parekh

    I can set up a completely new and independent call center for your requirement. If you are interested in doing that pls let me know.
    Thanks & Regards

    Dr.V.Shivakumar Shama

    I need to have somebody who can give me the full information about the setting up the call center of more than 200 seater.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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