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Want to open call centres training

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    Hello Amit and Anilkumar,
    I can definitely help you out in proceeding further in settinup a training center.
    We can also define the process as our trainers have the experience of training more than 800 people who are currently with the major call centers in Chennai.


    Hi Amit,

    Good to see your interest Amit..not many people have the urge to become a trainer and then opening a training institute. I can tell you one thing the path you have choosen for learning and expand the same is worth appreciating. As everyone says when it comes to training and being a entreprenur the obvious presonality in the training and strategy execution that ensure the success is upkar heading upzeon inc. He has trainied over 1500 people in different directions in the span of 2 years and at a young age of 25. The same you might have read the comments of smriti and sumit goel above in this page. You have infrastructure and the urge, after you have tried all the companies supporting this venture and providing you services just try it out with upzeon. Since as per the rules of this forum you can get only the guidence rest you can hunt for him on the guidelines provided by smriti above.

    Now why I am saying all this is because one year back i posted the same interest like yours in the call center forums and got the link and i am glad that i was right in taking the desicion which i have suggested you. best of luck man !!


    Muhammad Azeem


    i want to open an international call center but i dunno how i can do so… i am from pakistan. if any 1 can help men in this matter plz contact me

    take care


    Hello Muhammad Azeem,
    I can definitely help you to setup a callcenter. But i am not sure abt the rules and Telecom Infrastructure pertaining to Pakistan, related with settingup of callcenters.
    If you need to contact me, you can get my contact details by visiting the Title: Your Smart Partner in this forum.
    with regards,


    Hi All,

    I am looking for details on upzeon smartlife concept and the applications of smart-i in increasing intelligence.


    Ali Murtaza Ahsan

    Hello, i want to learn the basics of making sales through Cold Calls.
    What are the best tips for doing sales through telemarketing.


    There are no such “BEST TIPS” of doing sales through Telemarketing. There is an entire elaborate training process that one needs to go through. It is sort of tough to summarize it into a little statement.

    You could probably speak to a Telemarketing consultant abroad and ask for his opinion on the right material to go through for making Telemarketing calls.



    I want to set up a call centre training institute at kolkata targeting at non-english bpo and for this I have joined some french people and they are aready to invest and help me in linguistic area.Now I need a person who is expert in call centre training.Futher I want to know what is the estimated salary a non-english bpo call centre aspirant can think of at the time of joining call centre in india.Further where should i contact for the preperation of project report at calcutta and what would be estimated investment.I hpoe you guys will help me out.

    Azeem Ahmed

    I want to open a training institute. there i will give training to student for call centres. So for that what i have to do to open institute . How much money i have to invest and I start it in UP any other city
    plz send me all details.



    V.J.Bhasker ( CCT Trainer)

    Hello Guys! In regards to your query for CC training institute, The best I can advise you to hire experienced trainer for your institute because , Investment depends upon your infrastructure.


    dear palani,
    how u can help me in setting a call centre @ solapur in maharashtra state,india.
    How to get clients for the cc.
    pl. confirm,

    Abhijit Shinde


    If you are interested in opening a training center or a call center the first thing
    You should do is to get in touch with an experienced person in the CC field
    I have seen MR X loosing up to 18 lacks(in no time) in this business because of lack of information And its all about perfection when it comes to doing business with U.S clients a low quality small scale set up is not an answer for success in this field.
    If you ask me infrastructure alone will never attract clients / candidates, ultimately the experience of the conductor is what matters in handling the show

    ashish kwatra

    i wanna open a cc training institute , i have space and each and every resource , but tell me how can i get the students , tell me the source of getting more and more candidates


    Hi All,
    I have 5 Years of Software Industry experience as a Quality Assurance Engineer and Planning to start an IT training center in chennai.My aim is to focus on Software Quality Assurance process and methologies,Test tools,C,C++,JAVA ,Networking (cisco certification like CCNA And CCNP etc.) Please help me in providing the information like the Govt regulations and the infrastructue and cost etc.

    vikas monga

    Do we know each other vikas. R u from Punjab? if yes do reply & mail me

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 33 total)
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