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    What is diagonal growth?

    It is something very different from vertical growth or horizontal expansion….But this seems to be in-thing in our industry… People work in one call center for a few months and move to another call center at a higher designations.

    The smartest way to this is as follows :-
    a) You are a graduate with no experience- Work in an A-class call center for 6 months and then apply for the post of a senior agent in a B-class call center(Reason to be stated at the interview:- Growth slow and opportunities very less; why should the B-class call center take him/her-because they need people with some experience of working in an A-class call center who can rattle out a few jargons( six sigma, process, have an accentuated voice) and since his/her work experience is less so he/she would accept a lower salary than usual). Then apply for the post of a Team Leader in a C-class call center(Now this C-class call center generally can’t afford to have agents from A-class call centers because of cost factor; and very soon infrastructure-wise the difference in classes become apparent. What does the agent get? The agent gets an opportunity to get into supervisory level without having to slog for longer period of time in his/her previous call center.) Work for a few months and then move on to another B-Class call center as a Team Leader(Now, these B-class call centers are also Lala types and they get a person who has already worked as a team leader and the applicant gets some respite from working in the taxing environment of the C-class call center). After working for a year or so, the person can apply in an A-class call center for the same post or wait for some more time to get promoted to a Shift Manager (Attrition is high on top levels also, and since they are lesser no. of people on the top than at bottom so chances of growth is higher as we go higher in the hierarchy.)

    b)You are a graduate with some experience but in some other industry-Work in a B-class call center for some months and then move into a C-class call center as a Team Leader (Candidate: “I have experience of working at grass root level in call center industry + I have worked in other industries at so and so designations.”) Then you move into another B-Class call center as a Team Leader(Prior TL experience + Ofcourse experience in other industries)

    Is all this justified?
    May be yes!, because those who are there in the middle level (and above) management also are not basically from the call center industry, because the industry is not that old. If they could move in and grow why can’t others do the same, in any case they also learn from the basics as far as the nitty gritties of the industry goes. Yes, I do agree maturity level matters, but then you will always find a difference between a call center managed by a person at senior management level with experience at grass root level and a call center where the managers are basically from other industries.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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