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Call Center Agent’s Code of Conduct

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    I’m trying to develop a Call Center Agent’s code of conduct, can anyone help if there is any site that I could reference ? Thank you.

    Simon Pateman

    Bill did you manage to find anything, I am also interested in gain info?


    I’m interested too, but more in terms of call centres that provide chat services, what policies can you implement to prevent the CSR’s from disclosing the location of the centre or meeting up with the callers? I know this is there personal affairs after hours, but i would like to include some clause to that extent.


    Am interested too, more in terms of a small call centre that deals with Procurement of Maintenance Contractors in the Properties Industry. Would it be appropriate if I extract something from the company’s Code of Business Practice or what needs to be specific pertaining to call centres?


    I’m interested too, also to include conflict of interest situations.


    hi am not sure if this helps but here are a few

    need to maintain a quiet enviorenment so as not to disturb

    the fellow call takers
    no eating on the work stations

    no browsing of unofficial or non-bussiness related sites on the net

    if this helps let me know i will collect some more



    Please help me!!

    I’m trying to sort out a code of conduct for tele agents


    Perhaps the following ideas are worth the try:

    Increase Customer Service & Satisfaction Level
     Recognise Needs & Expectations of all Internal & External Customers
     Increase Employee Productivity & Efficiency
     Ensure ongoing skills/training development
     Support Human Performance Management Infrastructure
     Develop & Implement a Culture of Continual Process Improvement
     Ensure Ongoing & Effective Communication Channel to Internal & External Clients
     Uphold Culture of Collaboration & Cooperation
     Always Available & Accessible
     Conforms with the Quality Process and with all company operational policies
     Instill Culture of Respect, Honesty, Integrity, Accountability and Favourable Work Environment
     Strive to Achieve High Operational Excellence & Effectiveness
     Emphasise the need for customer relationship building and avoid compromised by a conflict of interest.

    Create and maintain a clean and safe working environment.

    Answer calls in a friendly and enthusiastic manner.

    Gene Reynolds

    Guys… I think it’s a good idea, but frankly, I think that this “code of conduct” should be taken a step further and established a code not only for the agent to follow, but also for the employer to follow as well.

    I suggest establishing something of a Call centre charter, where you list out no more than, say 8 to 10 items for the agent to follow and then follow that with 8 to 10 items that the business in return will adhere to.

    Personally, it would feel far more balanced to the potential employee who will be working in your business.


    I agree with Rene. Most employers has a “Code of Business Conduct” in addition to the Vision and Mission statements. Concern is that this are ussually never revised/follow up on regular basis, hence a way can be investigated to link them into a Call Center Charter.

    On the other side, there is an opportunity to establish/draw a Service Level Agreementwith all the business units that the Call Center interface with on regular basis. The agreement needs to be signed off by “all” top level management, and be pro actively espoused as such!

    Service Level Agreement in this case would encompass all from Recruitment to Service Delivery including Support Services!

    i would feel this will balnce the scale somewhat

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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