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Capacity planning and forecasting

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    dharmendar kumar

    Hi my name is dharmendar kumar and i am from karachi pakistan we are setting up a call center and i need to know if i have a standard of 180 talk time and targeted service level is 80% per month and initial volume is 12000 calls and 60 lines and 20 agents, how much calls per hour would be required to achive 80% service level’
    urgent response will be highly appreciated.


    Hi Dharmendar, I did some basic calculations and came up with this …

    Assuming that these stats are for a day and remain flat over the day, with the above data you will be handling about 300 calls per hour with this kind of service level.

    Cheers, Manoj Kumar Matai


    Hi Manoj

    I appreciate your help in defining calls per hour i would be grateful if u can provide me calculations to this answer, If you have any material on an excel base sheet which can tell u for this specfied call volume “X” number of agents will be required to cater this volume defining on half hourly basis.



    Dharmendar, an excel sheet cannot be uploaded on this forum. You would need to publish your contact details in order for me to correspond with yourself.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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