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call center cost

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    Is there a web site or anything that can help me figure out how much equipment, space etc.. will cost in order to create a call center. All I have is the number of clients, time, and a budget.

    Guest are too lazy, no pain no fact, every call center is different in details,if you want to design it, must be study market and your co. what it want.

    Vinod Janardan

    It depends what kind of Call center you want to create (Email, Chat, Voice and then Domestic, International and that too where .. . . .??

    Also on number of seats, expansion plans, time frames, technology, your kind of buisness niche you want to build e.t.c. . .??

    Deepak Handa

    Dear Joyce,
    As a Thumb rule cost per seat in an international call center in India is around Rs. 10 Lacs(USD 20K) including all infrastructure, technology and operational cost for a period of three months.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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