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Email Response Management

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    Alexandra van Weil

    Hi all,
    we are looking for a good ERMS solution for our callcenter of 50 seats.
    We are using Genesys for routing, and have been told that they also have an ERMS module. However, others advise me to use a more dedicated solution like Kana or eGain.
    Can someone perhaps give me some advise on this matter?
    thanks in advance


    A vendor such as genesys has traditionally been in the call centre market and has tried to capitalise on its phone capabilities by developing its ERMS.actually it is better to go for a dedicated ERMS except when integration is to be avoided.Generally Pivotal,eGain,Onyx and Talisma are considered better choices for your size of contact centres.For larger size you centres(300 seats) you may go for Siebel the undisputed leader in contact centre management.
    As far as integration with genesys is concerned i know instances of talisma and pivotal being integrated successfully with it.

    For more information about these you can go to there respective web sites.

    P.S. my personal favourite is Talisma which is perhaps the strongest e-mail management tool available.


    Dear Alexandra,

    Try eGain, its good i have been workin on it for last 1 and 1/2 year….its methodical and u just can log into the stuff and start it doesnt need ur exchange servers to be set whats most imporant in talisma.

    David Williams

    I used to sell call centre software. One of my former customers experimented with a few e-mail management tools. I was talking with them recently and they are now looking at a company called Amacis who appear to specialise in this area

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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