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Call Center Attendence

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    Fred Cohens

    I am seeking to find the right type of attendence policy for a 1000 chair center that operates 24x7x365. I am aware of the points and occurance systems. Are there any others that have proven more effective.

    Blanche Walker

    Why not focus on an incentive program that rewards perfect attendance and gives employees perference in schedule selection because of perfect attendance?

    I work in the telecommunications industry and have worked in call centers for several years. We have had success with this method and have improved overall attendance.

    Email me at and I can discuss further.

    Maryanne Henchy

    Blanche Walker’s method wont work – incentives/rewards dont help. They just encourage people to cheat the beat the system.

    Juan Pittman

    Maryanne can not be a true call center professional. I have personally seen great incentive programs turn poor performing call centers around almost over night. As long as everyone buys into it (which can be challenging in the beginning) any incentive / reward program will work. I tend to like using metrics such as

    • Quality
    • Schedule Adherence
    • Reliability
    • Productivity

    Then weighting each one of them according to what you value most in your center (most center place more weight on Quality). Hope this helps… you can email me at for any help.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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