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Staffing shrinkage Factor

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    Laura Biewer

    I am evaluating our staffing shrinkage factors and am interested in benchmarking against other similar centers. 50-100 seats, using automated workforce management software. Our current average is 24% in total. I want to see if this is within a normal range.

    Fred Cohens

    Your shrinkage percentage should be determined by the amount of off-line your type of service can sustain. I manage a center with over 300 agents. Our shrinkage range is from 25%-32%, however our service demands a lot of off-line for customer follow-up.

    But, if you are looking purely from a productivity factor then that number is a comfortable data point.

    Charlie Snedden

    We have a number of call centres here under the one roof. At one time our Shrikage was 55%. Its a long story how that came about, how ever, we have now implemented a Shrinkage target for evry team in th call centre of 30%. This is all shrinkage.

    In doing this our productivity no stands around 75%, which is a great improvement.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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