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Performance Measurement

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    Joost De Pus


    As a consultant i am trying to focus on CRM more specifique the Call Center aspect of it; Can someone assist me and provide some good URL’s / Articles / Books,…on performance measurement for Call Centers.
    If there is a distinction between call centers and service centers (concerning the contents), I would like to receive some info on this topic as well.

    Britta Selle


    there is a quality system called COPC (Customer Operations Performance Center) that is based on performance measurement and improvement. It emphasizes quality, service and efficiency and it has been designed especially for the Customer Service industry. In the standard’s item 4.3 Performance Measurement you can find a list of metrics for all types of transactions/customer related processes and different types of services (inbound, fulfillment, technical support/help desk, outbound, e-commerce).
    Have a look at


    Joost and Britta.

    You both seem like people who are in the industry. I am in the process of recruiting senior management, i.e. center manager, training, network and support / qa manager for an offshore center in asia.
    Can you help me identify people, or where i should start advertising/looking for them




    See if you can find some callcenter close to the SC you are staffing. Contact them and see if you can find out where they found their resources and through which channels. And know that in Belgium (and Europe in general) there are some offices specialised in finding and training Call and/or Service center employees from all levels.
    Those should exist in Asia as well!

    John Seddon

    COPC is c***p. I heard last week on the grapevine that Microsoft has backed away from it. And for the right reasons. It emphasises the wrong measures.

    While managers of call centres are pre-ocupied with calls per agent per day, the real causes of costs remain unseen.

    See my articles at for a fuller explanation.

    Mayranne Henchy

    Have a look at It has useful articles about call centres.

    Mayranne Henchy

    Have a look at It has useful articles about call centres.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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