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Erlang Formulae

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    Steve Smith

    Can anybody tell me where I can find the formulae to calculate Erlang C to incorporate in an Excel spreadsheet that I am developing?




    There is a product we sell on this site called Westbay Traffic Calculators. Although it is not currently advertised, it includes an Add-in for Excel which adds two functions to any Excel workbook.

    One is ErlcAgents() which estimates the number of agents required, and the other is ErlcCalls() which estimates the number of calls which can be handled.

    If you would like any more information, please email

    Best regards,
    Ansapoint Call Center Software.

    Iain Findlay

    Have a look in the book

    Fundamentals of queueing theory, 2nd edition, GROSS

    I am presently developing call centre staff allocation software which uses a variant on the Erlang C formlation to take into account caller abandonment. I would be interested to know about your intended use for your spreadsheet.

    Iain Findlay

    Greg Powell

    We are a .com service provider customer contact center with approximately 80-100 inbound agents. Can someone direct me to any automated scheduling tools to help us with our manpower scheduling requirements. Yes we’re familiar with such systems as TCS. However, our company is not ready to spend high five to six figures. Any known low to medium cost tools, their web site locations and/or contact sources would be greatly appreciated.

    vinay kumar

    I am going for an interview for a job in a Banks call centre.Could any one please suggest the sites wherein I can learn the various calculations/formulas applicable to arrive at the call centre statistics? What kind of measures to set up/what kind of targets to set and what data to collect for this measurement?and what principals to apply to analyse this data?
    Thank you.


    Hi Vinay,
    I just read your note. If you ae still interested in learning all this please contact me
    I will teach all the stuff for free


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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