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Quintum DX2030 COnfiguration

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    Hirmoge R.

    Can you please assist us configuring Quintum DX2030 Software Version: P107-09-10.

    Configuration scenario

    One Quintum is connected to PSTN for termination calls, while other Quintum is connected to VoIP SoftSwitch (IPsmarx solution) for origination calls. (See attached diagram)

    The quintum connected to PSTN is connected via E1, the calls we make from PSTN can reach the Quintum but not going through softswitch and also the call made from VoIP is not going to the PSTN via termination quintum.

    Zain Schaa

    We are using DX2030 for call termination with Orion GSM Channel bank through E1 interface.
    when we are originating call from VoIP switch to Quintum we are getting error 31 at Quintum side, and Call Log/Transaction Does Not Exist at VoIP switch

    Please help!

    Zain Schaa

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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