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Unbalanced M2UA Link Load among M2UA Lin

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    I came across an unusual Problem in HUAWEI MSOFTX3000 Switch where load on all M2UA Links in a particular M2UA Linkset is not properly distributed.The M2UA Linksets are used for HSL Links for BSC. Only one of the M2UA link in the set of 4 links of a link-set is showing high occupancy while remaining are showing 0% utilization and resulting in M2UA Link Overload Alarms in Peak Hours.All M2UA Links are Healthy & Active. The Linkset on both ends are working in Load Sharing Mode

    Can any body Figure out the reason



    M2UA/MTP2 User Adaptation Layer Link Overload Alarm usually occur, especially during peak hours, when an M2UA Link reaches maximum or above normal performance utilization. Make sure that all 4 M2UA Links are set to “Load-Sharing” traffic mode and all 4 ASF values are flagged as “Active”.

    Does all of these 4 links resides on the same BGSI Module?


    Thanks for the reply i got reply from my vendor which says one MTP Link can select only 1 M2UA at a time to send/recieve.Rest of the configurations are OK.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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