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Call routing

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    Hi all,

    i’m working with a dx which registered in a gatekeeper for both outgoing and incoming calls, i’ve another Call Relay that’s registered to another gatekeeper for only outgoing calls, the pbx is connected to the DX via 2 E1, i need to configure in the DX that:
    * Outgoing calls must be routed to the Call Relay.
    if you’v any idea or documentation please help

    Best regareds

    MikeM to Mario


    If you have the DX configured to register to a gatekeeper, then you must make sure that the gatekeeper will allow the route to the call relay. You see, in telling the DX to register to the GK, you tell the DX to never perform any routing of its own. All routing decisions are to be made by the GK.

    Without knowing your full application, I find in most cases you do not need to be registered to a GK.



    I am a holder of a Quintum gatekeeper but am new and having problems starting the config.

    I have connected to the console using the RS232 connection but getting an error message “incorrect check port settings” can you please assist?

    MikeM to wolfson


    Verify that you are using a standard serial cable (not null modem) and that you have hyperterminal set for 38400, N, 8, 1, No Flow Control and set to the correct com port on your computer (like Direct Com 1).


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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