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d2400 call relay problem

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    Im configuring tenor d2400 on 1 e1 connection on asterisk server.

    I successfully configured the outbound routes. (I can call from my ATA phone then goes out to the e1 connection).

    My problem is i can’t able to pass the incoming calls coming from my e1 to the sip server.

    Can anybody help me out on configuring this?

    i tried to get the logs on ev log and im getting an alarm on ev log “bad ip str”..

    MikeM to Mastaplan

    If you are using SIP, you need to make sure you have the sip server configured in the quintum and that all incoming calls have a destination number. At that point the quintum will send a message to the sip server for routing instructions.



    Thanks for the reply.

    I have configured my sip primary registrar and proxy in the quintum.

    when i checked the sip stat command in the CLI it says registered.

    Im debugging my quintum and the alarm shows:

    CH : 25043553:Received ANI: 09228757478.
    CH : 25043553:received info = 0973777111F
    CH : 25043553:[2:27] sent message to cas: Call-Proc
    CH : 25043553:Routing requested for: public(1) orig=0973777111F public(1) normalized=0973777111 route code= tg=0.
    CH : 25043553:1 match(es) found: 2
    CH : 25043553:chsip : bandwidth info: max=-1 cur=12600.
    CH : 25043553:Route response(154): result=1 cause=0.
    CH : 25043553:TBCSM[154]: Setup from peer=0xd08004 NP=0x1 NT=0x1.
    CH : 25043553:OrigNum=0973777111F NormNum=0973777111 TranNum=0973777111 OrigDest=.
    CH : 25043553:sip[154]: tsipcall:stackSendSetup, media type=16
    CH : 25043553:udp connect: 2 11
    CH : 25043553: cba763b7 10240 0 0
    CH : 25043553:siptg: outgoing translation 0973777111F -> 639730973777111.
    CH : 25043553:sent message to sip: msg=2; ua=1
    EXCP : 25043561:Bad IP addr str= calling proc=0x498ba0 proc1=0x470bac
    EXCP : 25043569:Bad IP addr str= calling proc=0x498ba0 proc1=0x470bac
    CH : 25043573:sip[0/0]: SipReleaseComplete rcvd at SipTermCall
    CH : 25043573:sip[154/0]: tsipcall:RcvRelComp, cause=111
    CH : 25043573:udp disconnect: 2 11
    CH : 25043573: cba763b7 10240 0 0
    CH : 25043573:OBCSM[154]: Release from peer=0xd0680c cause=0x6f redir=.
    CH : 25043573:TBCSM[154]: Release complete from peer=0xd08004.
    CH : 25043573:sip[0/0]: sipTG::term releaseCall:remove call from list

    how do you configure this?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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