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Can’t access my AXG800

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    ive configured a connection to one of our office.

    However, ther is no dial tone detected if i plave a phone on the box. But when i dial, it provided a ring back.

    Can you help me on this?


    MikeM to Paul


    so you connect phone to fxs port, but when you pick up phone no dial tone, but you can dial anyway? Maybe you need to raise volume? Check the active alarms to make sure that it is not “offline”.

    Not sure without looking at confg and such.

    You can contact me directly at to discuss further.

    Mike M


    Hi Mike,

    after connecting a phone to the pxs ports, there is no dial tone and i cant dial either. If i dial the box, there is an activity in the box and it is providing me a ring tone after reading the logs. However, i cant hear anything from it.

    Im suspecting that there is a problem with the fxs ports.


    Mike M to Paul


    Again, I cannot say for sure without looking at that unit. I can say that since working with Quintum units from 1999 I think I have only ever seen a FXS port go bad once. I am not saying that is not the problem, but just really have not seen it enough to say. I have seen many FXO ports go bad.

    Mike M

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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