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lost communication between quintums

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    hi there

    i wounder if any one can help, i have a strange problem.
    i have 3 sites one is the HO and two brnshes, the HO can communicate with branches and branched can communicate with each other but branches cant communicate with the HO by dialling 0.
    i have checked the configurations for all sites and they are ok nothing is wrong with them.

    please help me what to do?

    MikeM to Ahmadm


    If the sites can all make calls to each other, but if the dial a 0 they cannot, I would think this is a configuration issue in that you either do not have the 0 setup as a prefix or it is not in the sroute or hopoff/lampattern.


    thanks MikeM

    thanks MikeM for your reply

    but i have to say that it was working probaply for one year but now it is not and i checked the configurations many times but nothing is wrong with them.

    i wounder if it was a hardware issue not configuration issue.

    thanks anyway

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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