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    Has anyone run accross any telepresence installations?
    I have seen them and am looking to set up a hosted solution to larger markets.

    also, who are the providers in europe which can provide the connectivity for high quality bandwidth of 5mb or more?
    thanks in advance.

    MikeM to Craig


    Not sure what telepresence (video) has to do with Voice, but I do get involved with video conferencing quite a bit.



    The voip world is so up and down. Companies fold up, you never know who to do business with.So carriers are looking at other solutions which provide “stickiness” to their customers. Telepresence is an IP application. Some systems set up their calls with SIP. Some are being integrated with with IPPBX similar to Cisco TP and call manager.

    additionally, customers deploying PBX’s are always asking for video compatibility.

    I am aware of about 100 new telepresence installations in the US , and some of the carriers are telling me they are moving into the space.

    There is considerable overlap now.
    Because it is bandwidth and network intensive, companies are adding bandwidth for their telepresence and VOIp phone systems.

    One company, for example, needed BW in Malayasia. It cost them 12k per month for the pipe and 4k in the US. They decided they would consolidate their network and actually connected their AVAYA ppx/phone system so they could 3 digit dial intl.

    The overhead actually became a big payback for them as they eliminates alot of travel plus their phone costs to their 6 Asian locations.
    Their quality is unbelieveable for both telepresence and calling.

    Here is the best thing..

    The TP system cost 48k at each site, the other costs were about 32k in Malaysia and 20k in US for a total of about 150k.

    The reseller made 15k off the TP system and 16k off the bandwidth deal. I am not sure what they charged for the gateway in Asia (for local dialing) and the reconfig for the AVAYA.
    They would actually have made more if they did part of the install, but opted to have a hands off approach.

    So I was trying to sek out carriers who may provide BW (MPLS?QOS for multi media).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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