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Connection Time – Foreign Locations

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    I am new to the VoIP world and am thinking on converting my home based business over. I apologize in advance for what might be simple questions. I travel frequently for work/pleasure, and am entertaining the idea of working from a foreign location for 3-6 months/year. Question 1) When someone calls your phone number (US area Code), if one is connected to a strong broadband signal say in Paris, is there a noticeable delay before the connection is made to my computer/phone in a distant location? I am afraid that if there is a long delay before connection, I may lose the caller. 2) If the computer/phone is shut off, will the phone call automatically be routed to voice mail?

    MIkeM to Little-King

    Much of this depends on the service you use. If you use Vonage (not saying I recommend this one), then they offer a “soft-phone” that you load on your pc and can answer your phone from your PC and make calls from it as well. If you are not logged on, then the main phone with the vonage service will ring for the number of rings and go to voicemail.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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