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Another A800 problem

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    pretty new to the VOIP. company has a Quintum A800 and I was connecting to them through the newer tenor AF A200s. It was working fair with a few qlitches but then we moved our office and changed IP addresses of the A800. I changed the IP address of the box and can telnet to it but I can not get any of the tenor A200s to connect to it. Is there any thing I can be missing here?

    please help if you can, people are all over me on this.


    Gary n P Neville

    first , take all ur clothes off. pickup a800 and go to nearest window. tie a800 to yer cawk and throw it out of window. follow up by jumping together with it.

    it will be all over u now.

    MikeM to Dave

    Well certainly taking Gary’s approach may solve many issues, but not yours and it would seem that Gary may not fully understand how to configure Quintum’s and work with them based on his frustration.

    Your problem could be in that you may not have changed the IP address of the A800 in all the places needed. For example, in the config gksys, there is the border element that many times you set to the same IP as the unit itself. When working with a network of quintums you may also have other quintums have their border element set to one unit to create a master/slave network. I am betting that if you go through the entire config carefully, you may find a place where the old IP is and you simply change this to the new IP.



    how to change the ip address of my quintum using rs232..


    MikeM to libis

    You would change it the same way as if you were connected thru telnet.

    config ei
    set ipa
    set sm
    change 1 g


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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