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Busy Tone when trying to call

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    I am trying to send calls (from a quintum box AX2400) to a new carrier(in UK) and I keep having busy tone. The carrier is saying there is no destination digits being received at their end.
    I am able to send calls to other carrier.

    What could be wrong on my setup?

    MikeM to Bosco

    Without seeing the config and event log, it would be difficult to say. Many times the carrier may believe that the problem is in one equipment, but never theirs. The best thing you can do is look at a event log to see what you are sending out to the carrier so that you can either
    a) prove that digits are being sent
    b) see that no digits are sent from quintum and start looking into the configuration to see where this may be set wrong.


    Westbay Engineers Ltd.

    Hello gentlemen,

    I work for that carrier in the UK. I wrote the VoIP switch that you are working to – right down to the H.323 stack, so I understand it very well.

    I have looked at the traces of your calls, and I can confirm that our switch is not extracting the dialled number from your call.

    If it helps, the logic of the switch goes like this:

    In the H.225 SETUP message, the switch looks for the presence of a DestinationAddress element. If one exists, then it takes the first addresses, strips alphas and uses that as the destination number. This will also happen if the first entry in the list is an H.323 ID.

    If DestinationAddress is not present, then the destination number is taken from the Called Party Number element of the Q.931 SETUP message.

    I have been trying to recreate your problem with an AS gateway, but I cannot manage it.

    We have many customers using Tenor gateways and none of them have this problem.

    Unfortunately, the product you are buying from us does not include any remote configuration service. But, I hope this information is helpful.



    I was able to fix this problem by selecting “none” in the use party number in the H323 signaling group config. By selecting “none” the quintum will send ARQ and Setup which will contain E.164 in its Source and Destination addresses.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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