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No ANI from Huawei PSTN switch

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    I am connecting my Cisco voice gateway, AS5400, to a PSTN switch using Huawei product. The setup is completed and the calls are success. However, when a call is made, we can not see the calling number. Therefore, in the CDR, the calling number is missed. Below is the log of the isdn q931 debug. Does anyone have any idea of why we can not see the calling number? Is it because the Huawei switch does not send the calling number or bacause my Cisco gateway do not accept or do not capture the calling number?

    Here is the call with the calling number presented.
    Jan 26 15:06:08.904 ICT: ISDN Se7/0:15 SC Q931: RX

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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