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Tenor A800 SIP registration problem

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    Hello everybody,
    my A800 using SIP fails registration – it is also not trying to send any network packages during registration.
    The error messages from the eventlog are :

    SPROTO : 9311258:[sess]:bbba04 RegisterSession::ProcessTimerExpiration() called

    SPROTO : 9311258:[trans]:bbb004 ClientTransaction::ClientTransaction() failure encoding message
    SPROTO : 9311258:[trans]:bbb004 Transaction::SendRequest()failure cause code(1)
    SPROTO : 9311258:[trans]:bbb004 ClientTransaction::start() failure sending request
    SPROTO : 9311258:[ua]:Received Sip Iuca Message: 0x3b

    SPROTO : 9311259:[sess]:TransactionAbort – in RegSession

    SPROTO : 9311259:[ua]:UA: Registration failed – no action taken now..

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    thank you,
    Adi Pop


    More details

    Quintum Tenor A800 Rev. C, loaded with the followind software:

    System Software Version: P5-2-1(LEC) (1678285/0xFF74)
    Boot Software Version: P4-1-3 (180592/0xE814)
    Database Version: 2.08 09-13-2000 (278376)

    After loading the firmware, I made a factory reset and configured the following:

    1. set the IP address:
    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:
    Default Gateway:

    2. switched to SIP
    Unit: 1
    IP Address =
    External IP Address =
    Name = tenor
    Voip = Sip(1)
    Online = 1

    3. configured basic SIP registration & proxy
    Primary Registrar =
    Primary Registrar User Name= tenor
    Primary Registrar Pwd= tenor
    Primary Proxy =
    Primary Proxy User Name= tenor
    Primary Proxy Pwd= tenor
    Time to Live = 10

    I set timetolive to 10 seconds on purpose to force reregistration

    The machine is an asterisk. The tenor and the asterisk can ping each other and there are
    no firewall rules on the asterisk machine.
    Verified with tcpdump and no packets are sent from the tenor during the registration process

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    MikeM to adicl

    What I can tell from this is that the tenor did not create the SIP message;

    ClientTransaction::ClientTransaction() failure encoding message

    So there is something fundamentally wrong with either the software or the config. I am always concerned about the software because the SIP support in the A800 and A400 (Gen 1 units) is only beta (as described on Quintum’s web site). Since Quintum does not support the Gen 1 units anymore and will not be creating software for them, I am concerned that this beta software may have issues. I have heard of it working fine in some places and problems in others.

    One thing to note is that you have both the register port and the proxy port the same, I believe, but not 100% that you need this to be different as they are different functions.


    #31169 Reply
    adicl to MikeM

    Hi Mike,
    Thank you for the fast response!
    In the mean time I played along with the unit and configured one pstntg for forceiprouting. Surprisingly it works flawlessly, so at least I can transfer pstn calls to asterisk :))

    So it seems that the at least partially the SIP module/stack works ok.


    #31170 Reply
    adicl to MikeM

    I also played along configuring asterisk to register to the A800. I know that this doesn’t make to much sense bc the A800 can only function as a SIP client, but I was curios how it will handle unexpected SIP messages. The decoded sip messages are showing up in the log – this I think also confirms that the SIP stack is sort of working….

    #31171 Reply
    adicl to MikeM

    Unfortunately I still got the same error message for registration ๐Ÿ™
    I tried again and again to go through the config options I consider relevant/related to SIP/voip but I’m not able to find the problem ๐Ÿ™

    #31172 Reply
    adicl to MikeM

    I want to use the tenor as a FXO gateway for my * box, so I will probably give up with SIP and try to link the tenor to the asterisk via H323.

    #31173 Reply
    adicl to MikeM

    As I see from the web the A 800 should be rocksolid on h.323… What is you experience regarding this ?

    thank you again,
    Adi Pop

    ps: i splitted up the message because it was considered too “commercial” ??? and was not able to submit it ๐Ÿ™

    #31174 Reply
    MikeM to adicl

    Yes, the unit is quite solid for H.323 and the newer units, generation 2 (AS/AX/DX) should have no problems with SIP in the realm that they support it.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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