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where can i download p100 tnrsys.bin fil

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    jay gates

    where can i download p100 tnrsys.bin file

    MikeM to Jay Gates

    You will probably not find that version anywhere as it is too old. On Quintum’s web site you will find the latest version which I believe is P104

    Mike M

    jay gates

    hmm if that’s the case what can i do to solve the problem below

    I’m trying to upload the license you sent me since last week base on reformatting flash process. Unfortunately I cannot transfer the tnrsys.bin to the quintum.

    In the DOS ftp commands below are the issues I’m encountering


    Connected to

    220 Welcome to Tenor.

    User ( admin

    331 Password required.


    230 User logged in.

    ftp> bin

    200 TYPE set to I.

    ftp> hash

    Hash mark printing On ftp: (2048 bytes/hash mark) .

    ftp> prompt

    Interactive mode Off .

    ftp> put tnrsys.bin

    200 PORT command successful.

    150 Opening BINARY mode data connection.


    Ø Netout :Connection reset by peer

    Note: I also tried using tnrsys.bin of P102 codebase same error occurred

    While in the Hyperterminal or Console below are the issue I’m encountering

    Loading boot software…Version P103-08-08



    | |

    | (C) Copyright 1998-2006 Quintum Technologies Inc. All Rights Reserved. |

    | |

    | Hardware ID: 0011 (3) |

    | |


    Loading software: Length = 3520647, Checksum = 0x24a5. Please wait…

    TENOR>ftp -c

    TENOR\FTP> Tenor’s LAN IP address? []

    TENOR\FTP> LAN’s subnet mask? []

    TENOR\FTP> Default gateway address? []



    IP address is

    Subnet mask is

    Default gateway is


    TENOR\FTP> (M)odify any of this or (C)ontinue? C


    Receiving data .bad tcp checksum, received anyway

    bad tcp checksum, received anyway

    bad tcp checksum, received anyway

    bad tcp checksum, received anyway

    bad tcp checksum, received anyway

    bad tcp checksum, received anyway


    qunitun tenor ax

    not getting dail tone : when i dail from telnet mode with command ” cmd test o 1 ” i replies got ..

    Testing start

    0 test : going offhook on PSTN line 1…
    0 test : fail to alocate Rx tone DSP

    ………. plz tell me how can i rectify

    MikeM to rabbani


    This could happen if one of the following is true:

    1. You have a unit that does not have FXO ports verify the exact model you have.
    2. DSPs are damaged and failing.
    3. Licensefile is corrupted (check by typing ‘debug licensefile’ at command prompt).
    4. Unit in general is failing.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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