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V-SERVER iGate password recovery

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    Does anybody have the experinece on V-SERVER iGate Voip Gateway from TEK DigiTel’s ? I need to recover the pasword for the system.

    Alex Zhilyakov

    TekDigitel FAQ says to “contact our technical support personnel and we will assign you an onetime password.”

    Though I’m not aware of a “standard” password recovery for TekDigitel iGate’s, it used to be possible to recover the password via console and iGate Diagnostic menu by looking at EEPROM contents where username and password were stored plain-text.


    Thank you Alex.

    I’ve tried to contact with TekDigital for password recovery, but no way I got any response. I don’t know what’s their customer support policy, but, it seems they r dead.

    I’m going to apply the way u have mentioned. It would be great if it works. Thank you for your suggestion.


    hello i have a tek digital V server i Gate with 4 port having the ISDN . i am new to this technology. i will use the LAN port from the device for the internet connection. i have coneected the console cabl as well. take a hyperterminal conenction using bitpersecond as 9600 , data bits 8, parity none stop bits 1 and flow control none.. but while conencting to the device , nothing appearing n the H.terminal screen..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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