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Quintum Tenor AXM2400

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    Helo gurus,
    I have configured my
    Tenor AXM 2400 for VoIP . But when calls are made the number normalises as 1111* even though i’ve not enabled any of the IVR features. And anytime this occurs, the call is dropped.It does not happen all the time though but occurs a lot.
    How can i stop this from happening.Please help.

    Mikem to xtn

    1111 is an internal number for the tenor used to route to the internal IVRprocess. If you are using 2nddialtone the 2nd dt feature will use the 1111 to route the call to the 2nddialtone and allow users to dial number. If it is forcediprouting, or you are doing some other application, it may be nothing and there may be another issue that is causing the problem. It would require some troubleshooting.

    If you would like some assistance on this, please contact me at


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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