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port blocking

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    Dear everyone,
    i have one as and another a800 quintum. if i want to route the call from a800 to as using port 1900(instead of 1720), where should need to modify. i have already tried, from A800,i route the call x.x.x.x:1900 and in as i have put the file named var_config.cfg , but it is not listening the call.pls help me

    MikeM to AMB


    In the A800, the only place you can change the port is in the static route area (config be sr), however, I have never seen this work and as far as quintum is concerned it is not supported on the A800’s or any gen 1 unit.

    In the AS, while there is the var_config to change the port and it has been discussed in this forum, I cannot say if it works.



    if u want change port of quintum then contact with me

    need help


    I am an university student. I want to know about quintum gateway hardware & troubleshooting.

    specifically I want the following thing–

    1. Any guideline or advice how I can acheive my goal quickly.

    2.Any resource regarding this.

    N.B — I know how to configure and manage quintum gateway.

    If you can help me then please help me. It will be a great help for me.

    jabed morshed


    Hi Mike!!

    I have ASG200 & a Mikrotik dedicated PCrouter that gives DHCP service and Bandwidth management to my Cafe workstations and WISP.

    My problem It gives an auto IP to the ASG200 for only 30seconds as lease period which is not so with the AccessPoint and others workstation.
    should I just connect the ASG200 straight to the Modem and if so what is the guarantee that I will achive favourable bandwith in cometition with the router???

    MikeM to Ejigbo


    Is there no way to change the lease time on this device to allow the IP to stay the same? Maybe there is a way to give the tenor a static IP?

    If not, then you should connect the tenor either to another switch that can provide static IP or does not have the lease situation.

    As for bandwidth there is really not too much else that can be done unless you get a switch that can do this for you.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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