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MAX 6000 reboot

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    Augusto Montoya

    I have a MAX 6000 E1 hooked to a Ericsson AXE 10 using ISDN EURO PRI the Max6000 reboot by itselt once a day , this max send calls to the AXE 10
    Can somebody help with that ?


    Teodor Georgiev


    why don’t you configure the MAX to send syslogs to a remote syslog server (a simple Windows or Linux can do the job).

    Review then the syslog output to see if MAX reports something odd.



    I saw a few posts on the ascend forum’s achive Doc.
    It is said that some version firmware causes reboot.

    If you are using version lower than TAOS 9.1.0.check with notes on

    Sometime, overheating inside MAX6000 causes reboot as well.

    Augusto J Montoya

    Is not temperature, the gateway show the following error several times before reboot

    WARNING: Index: 179 Load: ebiv.m60 Revision: 9.0.9
    Date: 06/08/2006. Time: 11:04:13
    Location: b041308c b01e22c8 b01e2338 b0111820 b0456818 b0459720


    Known issues about 179 in version 9.0.9.

    6001975 A MAX unit with V.90 S56 III modem cards (Series 56™ III
    Modem modules) installed issued Warning 179 message.

    6001768 A MAX unit configured to operate as a gateway reset without fatal
    error after issuing Warning 179 and Warning 104 messages.

    6002118 A MAX unit issued a Warning 179 message when the unit reset.

    what is you configuration and which version MVAM are you using?

    Augusto J Montoya

    I am using MVAM 3.1.2
    MAX 6000 with 9.0.0 ebiv.m60
    The Max has only one E1 Euro ISDN coming from Ericsson AXE-10,
    Line 1
    Sig Mode = ISDN
    Switch Type = NET 5
    ISDN TE/Nt Mode = TE
    SW Version = Generic
    CLK Source YES

    When I removed the traffic the unit never reboots,


    I just searched the web.It was said that 179 issure is data call related.

    Assume it was the ISDN interoperabilty issure between MAX6000 and Ericsson AXE 10.

    You could:
    1. set the signal to E1 without ISDN if possible
    2. set the CLOCK SRC to no.

    if it does not work, you would better off trying back-to-back connection with another MAX3000/6000 to test.

    feel free to send me e-mail:


    I just set the clk = no

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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