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VOIP Recommendation for Home Office

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    Jon Litt

    I was hoping someone might be able to provide me a recommendation on good VOIP phone set for a home office application. My HQ is in Brisbane, CA but home office is in Austin, TX. I will be doing a bunch of long distance so looking into the VOIP route. But do not really know who is who and what is what in this area. I know I have to have quality but at a reasonable price and must have call forwarding and conference call capability. I also live outside the main city limits and will be using cable modem for broadband access. Any recommendations? Thanks!

    MikeM to Jon


    If you are looking for a complete service provider, you can check out Vonage ( or Primustel ( There are probably about a dozen or more that provide the complete service. If, however, you want to go the route of having a gateway in your house and one at your office so that you can call over IP to your office and the “hop-off” from your office to all long distance, then you would be looking at Quintum or Cisco, though some of the features would be dependant on your PBX.


    You could also set up one of the open source pbx’s and hook up to a long distance provider that way. You can usually get 1.5 cents a minute or better for US/Canada calls.


    John, if you are looking for a voip provider that is solid and is not going to hurt your wallet I can recommend a few companys or products that have worked well for me. Let me know it you are still looking.


    They have a several providers listed there.



    If you’re looking for a home office VOIP set up a good provider is aql – pretty simple to set up with them

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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