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Tenor Ax

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    I have tenor ax800,i want to configure it with sip,i also have express talk softphone install on my pc i want to configure it with tenor ax so i can make call so plz help me give me configuration of both tenor ax and softphone acoording to sip i will realy greatfull

    MikeM to Mohsin


    If you want to send a call from Tenor to the softphone using SIP, you will need a SIP server and proxy, however, if you only want to send a call from softphone to the tenor, then you should not need the proxy and server.

    I can provide you my services to configure the tenor. I have not worked with the softphone, so I am not sure about its setup. You may want to check to see if this software needs a SIP server/proxy.

    If you would like to use my services for the quintum setup, please contact me at


    Mohsin to MkeM

    I am very gratefull u reply i have found Ondo sip server tenor ax is also registring it,but i am still not able to make call.
    My goal is to call from a softphone to a local extension or a local number within a network,for that i need a configuration of
    tenor ax so it can route call to a given destination,i am facing some other problem also,i hope u can help why is my “Phone/fxs”
    and “line/Fxo” light not blinking i have connected one end of (1-50) pin connector to Phone/fxs port and given a line to the other
    end through a wall jack,is it ok or not.Plz help me and give me step by step configuration i have also mail u plz reply me on my mail address i.e and here on the forum i will be very gratefull

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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