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CDR software

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    In case anyone doesn’t know, the CDR software is on the CD that comes with your Tenor, but doesn’t seem to be downloadable from their website. It is easy to set up, but seems to crash all the time when run on Win XP – Runs fine on Win 2000 though.

    If anyone needs a copy, send me an email. I also have RADIUS software that is tested & works well.



    I beleive that the CDR software from Quintum does not support XP or wasn’t tested all the way on XP. Also, this software is only for testing. It should not be used for any live application as it is not a “true” product. I think it even says this somewhere.

    Mubarak Ali

    Hi Geoffo i need to know in which folder the CDR software is in Quitum AXT800 CD i need know know how to install it and how it work can u please guide me

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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