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Modem connection using VOIP line

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    I am trying to get a piece of equipment that uses a modem (dial up )to connect using a VOIP line. Unfortunaley this will not work. Is there something that needs to be put between the modem and the telephone socket ( hardware ) or is this a software issue.


    MikeM to Patsy


    Depends on the VoIP gateway. Many may not support modem over IP as it is somewhat redundant and uses a lot of bandwidth since you cannot compress the modem signal.


    There is a kind of modem router.It works like cable modem or ADSL modem.

    In 56K, you can transfer 1-3 channel G.723.1 or 1-2 channel G.729 voice.

    The troube is if you could get real IP from your ISP or NAS server.


    Sorry to mess up.

    Modem over IP is really hard.

    Try RAD Kilomux TDM over IP, if needed. it is only US 105 on ebay.


    Again, keep in mind that you will not be saving any bandwidth doing modem over IP (MoIP). Since modems, by their nature, compress the data from your PC, doing MoIP will not compress. Therefore, if you do find a device to do MoIP reliably, you will be using about 56kb each way of bandwidth each way. Not a savings in bandwidth and you may want to reconsider this.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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