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Static Route to Static Route

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    Hello , i have a quintum Tenor CMS, i using him as GK ,until now i just receive in IPRG and send it to TCRG(E1) using Hopoff’s , my question is : Can i receive by IP and send again by Static Route without passing for TCRG.

    i dont make any king of gw registration in my GK

    Thanks in advance

    MikeM to Antonio


    Last I knew, the CMS did not allow IP-to-IP routing directly, only through GK process. Quintum had talked about putting this feature in as they do have a separate unit, call relay, that does ip-to-ip routing, but I do not know if they have put this in the CMS yet.

    You could, however, use 2 T1 ports, connect them back-to-back, send an incoming IP call out T1-a and come back in on T1-b and then go back out IP, but this will give you double compression/decompression and could affect the quality of the call.


    Thanks MikeM

    you help was great

    if you need everycing from Lisbon, just tell

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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