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what if SKYPE is no longer permitted?

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    Skype may have some trouble in China, as China Telecom, China’s largest fixed-line phone carrier, began blocking access to this service.

    According to media reports, China Telecom considers that Skype is threatening its long-distance revenue.
    Skype enables subscribers in China to dial to major Western markets in the United States and Europe for as little as 2,5 US cents per minute. The rates per minute from China Telecom are closer to $1.

    According to the Shanghai Daily online newspaper, China Telecom is already blocking access to service in the southern province of Shenzhen, but is expected to expand the ban nationally.

    Also, Financial Times is reporting that an employee at a Shenzhen Telecom service centre said staff had been instructed to tell customers who complained about being unable to access SkypeOut that such internet telephone services were illegal in China under a 2004 regulation because they would ¡°destroy market order¡±.

    A China Telecom spokesman had no comment on the reports about the Shenzhen blockage, but gave a broader view.
    “Under the current relevant laws and regulations of China, PC-to-phone services are strictly regulated and only China Telecom and China Netcom are permitted to carry out some trials on a very limited basis,” he said.

    What can SKYPE do if it’s forbidden anywhere?any new voip phone recommandation?

    Amit Agarwal

    I too am looking out for some mobile application that can make use of the mobile’s WLAN to connect to the internet and the mobile application can be used to connect to a VoIP provider to make IP calls

    anjali joshi

    I think Vyke is much better than skype.Its cheapest among all with good service quality.

    xoy-VoIP Tech

    can share you one good Free Voip server… the fonosip…

    I’ve been using it now.. I can apply it to any SIP phones, it doesn’t require your phone to be Skype ready or any other provider ready.. all you need is make an account at then make your own extension number. Then after you have succesfully registered, configure any of your IP/SIP phones using server, username and password from Fonosip.. I suggest you make many accounts, so that you can make your own VoIP Network, without availing any IP PBX server equipment.. :-)…

    xoy-VoIP Tech

    or also, you can try Fring.

    Amit Agarwal

    I tried fringe and It works perfectly not only with WiFi but even with GPRS.
    But I wanted something just like fringe but one that is not bound to a particular operator like Fringe and something that is open-source.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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