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    Ok, here is what we are trying to do, and we are novices at this at best, so any help anyone can offer would be appreciated.

    I work remotely in another state away from the office and work off of a VPN connection to the network there. We have purchased a SOYO G668 Ethernet IP Phone and would like to configure it across the VPN to the Talkswitch on the other side to give the phone at my remote location an office extension. Has anyone seen this done or know of the settings that we would need? Again, any insight would be appreciated. Also, feel free to ask questions if I am not being descriptive enough.

    Wilson Boyrie

    VOIP over VPN is not a trouble. We do it every day to bypass ISP ‘s on countries where the normal VOIP ports are being blocked.
    As how to setup that I.P. phone to that switch,the best advice will be take the phone to the same location where the Talkswitch is at and make it work there.
    Once it works localy, put it trough the VPN. It should work the same .

    Best regards.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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