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What is an E1

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    Can anyone pls tell me in plain english what an E1 is?


    MikeM to Ex

    If you know what a T1 is, then, in simple terms, and E1 is a 32 channel T1. Only 1 channel is used for framing and one channel is used for signaling so you get only 30 channels for voice.


    e1 = isdn pri

    MikeM to OO

    That is an incorrect statement. An E1 can be ISDN PRI, it can also be R2, it can also be unconditioned and just be a 2048mb line with no channelization. Depends how you buy. Please do not assume that just because it is an E1 that it is ISDN.


    It is all very confusing, so all digital quintums can connect only to E1s or T1s right? What about the analogue quintum, AXM, do I just use like normal phone lines? any lines, regardless if its analogue or digital? Can I use ISDN for AXM? Please help this confused girl!

    MikeM to EX

    Digital Tenors like D800/D1600/D3000 and newer DX units can connect to either T1 or E1 (software config) and can use either ISDN or CAS signaling like E&M or R2.

    Analog Tenors like A400/A800, AX and AS can connect to normal analog phone lines and to normal analog phones as well as analog ports from a PBX. Analog tenors cannot use ISDN, only analog.

    There is also a BX tenor that is for BRI ISDN.

    If you need more help, you can contact me directly at


    E1 and T1 lines are used to carry data and voice between carrier links. Historically, the T1 circuit(24 channels) has been used in North America and the E1(32 channels) circuit in Europe. T1 and E1 lines are at the lowest it can carry either ISDN or CAS on top of it.It also explains the difference in channel numbers on ETSI ISDN(32 channels) and ANSI ISDN(24 channels).for more queries

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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