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Quintum One Way Audio

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    Dave Lisster

    I have a one way audio problem on my Quintum DX2030 Gateway. It is connected direct to my Cisco 2600 router with no FW on 2Mbs DSL.

    Calls are sent to and recieved from an ITSP over public internet and I get intermittent one way audio on the recieve media stream for my Gateway, i.e. the caller can hear me but I can’t hear the caller (inbound calls) – Allways in the same direction/media stream.

    The UDP port numbers match up and it happens when the Gateway is configured for H.323 or SIP. The release for the code is P103-08-05.

    I have many other Gateways in my network with the same configuration and this is the only location with this problem.

    It is intermittent to the extent that some days the service is completely clear and on other days around 30% of calls are affected.

    Any ideas?

    Dave Lisster

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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