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Need a VOIP Solution.

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    I am in bad need of a VOIP solution. I want to setup a VOIP connection from my home and my parent’s home overseas, now I could do this without any trouble (using a SIP adapter). My current challenge is to connect a PSTN line in my parents home to this VOIP connection so that I can make a free call from my home to my parent’s home using VOIP connection and then on hopefully get the local PSTN dial tone to dial out from there. Could you please provide me any information on the technology/hardware/links.

    Any help in this regard would be a great help and appreciate your time.

    Thanks in advance.



    Check out Quintum ( They have a 2 port unit that has both the Phone and the PSTN ports so that you can do both.


    NexBoom offers VOIP for residential homes. You can purchase the service for yourself and one for your parents. Send it to them and you both can call each other FREE and unlimited calling to US & CAN. All it requires is broadband connection and the IAD/Router you get from NexBoom. I love mine and I bought one for my parents for Christmas. We call each other all the time plus they get to call other family members and family all across US. Your NexBoom router has a phone jack in the back and uses a regular corded/cordless phone. Good Luck! Hope this helps!!


    Sipura spa-3000 1 FXS 1 FXO
    Quintum ASM200 2FXS 2FXO with the ability to send two simultaneous calls out IP.

    EX: 1 fxs 1 fxo, 2 fxs or 2 fxo

    Hook up to free world dialup to help your natting woes.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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