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Do I need GSM or…?

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    This is what I want to do: My company is in the US. I am providing service to a rural area in Africa where there is minimum telecom infracture. Everyone in that area uses cell phones. My question is how can someone in the US call these customers? I have GSM but not use how it works. I would appreciate any advise



    First you must sign-up with a mobile carrier in-country to activate your GSM devices. Then you need to get the calls from the US to the GSM device in-country, typically by VoIP. You can purchase a VoIP gateway for the GSM devices to connect to in Africa and then you can contact voip carriers in the US to take your traffic, send it over IP to your gateway in Africa.


    Is there a way I can avoid siging up with in-country mobile carrier? I know they will not sign me up. I have read some materials and the way I understood is that I would need a PRI only. Would also this apply if I want to start in the US, sign up with mobile carrier, like Verizon or sprint?


    If you want to use your GSM device, then there is no way around signing up with a mobile provider so that the GSM will work. You can’t get the service for free. If you do not want to use the GSM, then you can see about using analog lines in the country or a PRI, but that is different then your original question.


    I took my vonage adapter to my village in Africa for curiousity.I hooked it up to my cafe it works just like Im in USA.Everyone in the village is blessing me, because thats the only way they connect to world.30-40 people on line waiting for their turn. Most of their calls are inland costing me 28cents aminute.Somebody help me to comeup with better solution pls. either rural GSM or wifi situation may be great, I m not a tech gig I only try helping my community now it is becoming a bussiness commitment. I dont mind investing in my people.

    Wilson Boyrie

    Most likely you could lower the price of those calls if they are made via a A-Z service company instead of a company like vonage.

    A small gateway, like a Quintum A200,or a Cisco ATA 186, and a account with a provider A-Z most likely will ower the prices to 50% of wath you are paying to Vonage.

    We are talking about maybe a couple of hundred dollars on hardware an an account that you could open with $50 dollars worth of prepayment.

    If you could provide the destinations where those calls are going to, I could tell you what is the going price for comercial service to those locations.

    I could provide assistance with a small setup like that for free if you need it.

    Just post a emai address where you could be reached.

    Wilson Boyrie.
    Houston, Texas.


    hello Jeff,

    We can help you on this project, with a software for the mobile phones, where we can direct all calls made from the mobile phone direct to your PRI/E1 and then to the VoIP network.

    Drop me a line and i will give you more details

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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