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Call shop setup

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    I wanna set up a call shop with 6 telephones. I have a tenor 800AX
    I wanna use 5 telephones so that people can make the call them selves
    the six one is to make the call for those who can’t from an office and connect to one of the 5 boots. How can I make this and what do i need besides the tenor. do i need a different PBX or the 8 port patch panel wich comes with the tenor is enough ?



    First you will need sometime of radius server to handle the billing and accounting so that when people pay for 1 hour of time, they only get 1 hour of time. Then you will need to sign with another carrier/provider to take your outgoing traffic and send it where it needs to go.

    I am not sure I understand the part about the 6th phone, it sounds like instead of a phone, you need to have a phone line from the local phone company for people to call in on.




    How do i make a radius server? and how would i connect the local phone and the phone boot phones?
    isn’t dual talk a carrier/provider ?


    how do i give a number to a telephones? say i wanna a private nubmer of 3001 and 3002
    where do i assign these and if i wanna a public number as well so I’m calling from somalia and
    my prefix is 00 252 2 10003001 and 10003002 so people can call me how do i do that or just to call
    from somalia to the world. and when i wanna call say usa i just dail 00 613 1 ******* and when i call next\
    booth just 3002. I get confised for the dail plan and trunk stuf. can you explain to me step by step?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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