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Can’t generate graps for Tenor AXT

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    I got a problem to generate graphs for AXT2400. My snmp trap server is an unix based server that uses rrdtool for graphing. I could create graphs for Cisco, Linksys devices, HP servers and even Tenor A800 boxes without any difficulties. But when I go for AXT 2400, my trap server generates an error saying ‘snmp error’ that basically means either snmp messeges couldn’t be retrived from AXT or snmp service is not running in it.
    I’ve set correct trap IP address and community in AXT.
    I found an snmp MIB posted on Tenor website for AXT but unfortunately the related doccument didn’t say anything about what to do with it.
    1. Does snmp service run in AXT by default?
    If yes, why I still see this error?
    If not, what should I do to run it?
    2. what to do with the MIB available on tenor website? Is it required to upload in root directory of AXT like the way we perform software upgrade?
    Any help/suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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