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Unlimited VOIP Calls

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    Hi Friends, I heard some adds that there are some VOIP companies launch UNLIMITED VOIP Calls for monthly rental base.
    Is there anyone have experience on it ?
    Is there any limitation (Minutes) on it ?
    Is it sutable for a callshop ?

    With Best Regards,

    DUAL Talk

    You need to read their small print. They understandably say that it’s for retail use, not for business, and that the service cannot be resold.

    We have several customers who left us for such services and have come back again. Their accounts become blocked when they start sending large traffic volumes.

    Basically, you have to understand that you cannot get something for nothing. Companies offering ‘unlimited’ are in business to make money, just like you are. They are not going to let you send thousands of minutes a day for a dollar or two!

    So they will not provide a reliable solution for your call shop.

    Tom Howard,
    DUAL Talk.

    – A reliable VoIP service but without unlimited plans 😉

    wilson boyrie

    Most companies with “unlimited” minutes will allow up to around 5.000 minutes of calls.

    Most will not even tell you how many minutes are the limit, they will just cut you off, and you do not have any resources.

    Some places, even those 5k minutes are not a bad deal.But for sure you will not be able to send calls oen after another ,24 hours a day.

    The Quote of the day:

    “We could provide cheap,reliable and fast service”

    Wilson Boyrie

    Guest with purchase of 1 euro, you get free unlimited calls to about 20 countries.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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