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break down password of tenor A400 series

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    Somebody how had been working with VoIP tech of manufacturer Quintum, in specific the Gateway tenor A400 series.

    Well i have a problem, my company have 2 devices tenor A400, but i need to put them in operation. but well the general manager changed, they didn’t have documentation of configuration, I am tryed to reset but can’t enter, i Think it is posible to reset it by hardware, jumping it..

    well if you have a good idea please send me.

    Wilson Boyrie

    Connect a serial cable to the console port.
    Setup a communications software to 38400 bps,8 bits,no parity.
    Verify that you could “talk” to the box by pressing “enter” several times.

    Whith the software running, reset power to the box.
    it wil display a message at one point saying something like “press enter to enter configuration”.

    By doing that, you will reset the box to factory default, erasing the configuration and password.

    You are now ready to start from scratch.

    Best regards..


    all your tips which you recomend, I do but nothing, when I reset, there is a sound “track” and the led ir red,only can get into to the main windows, and press several times.

    sorry you know the architecture of tenor A400, I think maybe a part of this device is fail


    this is faulty device, sounds like.


    How to reset Tenor A400 user id and password?

    I have lost password

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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