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sip on a400 to get around port 1720

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    1.I need sample config file for sip on tenor a400?
    2.should I configure be sroute if
    I use sip?
    3.My voip provider says that I need no password and login for sip because they authenticate by my ip and I have only the ip number of their gateway which I used for h323, where on “con sip” should I place it?
    4. All this problems because my telco blocks port1720 and voip provider says then use sip instead of h323
    But just do not brag and put empty idias I am asking only about quintum 1g analog devices all others do not welcomed

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    Teodor Georgiev

    Do you think the people here are OBLIGED to help you? Because your attitude and words say – yes.

    No idea if anyone else will do it, but I won’t answer.

    People here are giving away their free time to help others. At least respect you should show. Till you learn how – bye.

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    Does it got under your skin what I said in P.S.
    I just wnt to say do not speak if dont know what its about
    But I did know that all topics here start just like that
    So any help on topic is welcomed

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    Dear did u find any solution of
    1720 port blocking

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    Wilson Boyrie

    You do not need to go SIP to get around port 1720.
    A cheap router that could change the port as well as forwarding will do the trick also.
    But you will need to have access to both ends.
    Or work with a provider that “listen” to a port that is not 1720.
    There one very close by that could provide that service.
    Wilson Boyrie.

    #29838 Reply
    Teodor Georgiev

    for your information, SIP does not use port 1720, H323 does.

    SIP uses 5060.

    Looks like the forum is going down 🙂

    #29839 Reply
    WIlson To Teodor

    Teodor, nobody said that SIP uses port 1720.
    To the contrary, the person that initiated the posting is trying to use SIP BECAUSE port 1720 is being blocked by the provider.
    My point is that is port 1720 (used by H323) is being blocked, most likely port 5060 (used by SIP) is also blocked.
    Better just to use other port and keep the H323 gear that they already have.
    Best regards.

    Wilson Boyrie.

    #29840 Reply
    kaizerr to wilson

    “A cheap router that could change the port as well as forwarding will do the trick also.
    But you will need to have access to both ends.”
    You mean that I sould use routers at both ends but thats impossible because any a-z providers do it only on 1720 or 5060 and they say that they are not able to change configuration.
    I have come to conclusion that it can be done only with point to point private voip net.

    #29841 Reply
    Wilson Boyrie To Kaizerr

    You are partially correct.
    If you have acces to both ends of the VOIP circuit, it will be very easy.
    Either set up VPN ,or use the router to change the ports and confuse the ISP provider.

    There is a provider that will take calls from you in a non-standar port.

    Maybe many other provider do that. I only asked to the guys in Dual Talk and they could provide the service.

    By the way, I am not related to the company or get comission, only a informed user.

    Wilson Boyrie.

    #29842 Reply

    how do i set up my router to confuse the isp , i am blocked on 5060 and 1720, please advice , i have co operation from the provider to use a non traditional port.

    #29843 Reply

    well, my friends h323 uses 1718, 1719 and 1720. If we change 1720 to some other number and tell the carrier to change to that port. is it gonna work after that ? do we have to change 1718 and 1719 also or leave them as it is ?

    #29844 Reply

    I have been searching the net for vpn and found openvpn product.
    Now when my isp totally blocked all h323 and sip ports I have left no choice but to use vpn I have got the server on the other side where there is no port blocking and want to install openvpn
    anybody used voip on openvpn welcomed to share their knowlege
    p.s. I am ready to pay for setting this connection but with one requirement I will post the results on this board

    #29845 Reply

    I’ve used openvpn with quintum on many occassions. With great success.

    #29846 Reply
    kaizerr to Matt

    I found this one
    on the net and it helped me more than
    your expertise

    Best regards

    #29847 Reply

    I was finally able to make this over openvpn point to point connection.
    Can help with info to anybody who needs it.
    Just free
    Best regards,

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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