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Quintum FXO Forward Disconnect

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    Can someone help with Disconnect Supervision on an analogue Tenor please?

    The Quintum FXO offers a disconnect supervision option called Foward Disconnect. For incoming calls, the Tenor looks for a break in line current of more than 600ms. I think this is intended to interwork with USA telephone lines which use a CPC indication to signal that the caller has cleared.

    I am in the UK. Here, British Telecom have a similar condition to indicate caller clears. It is called K-Break but only lasts between 100ms and 200ms. The Tenor is does not recognise this as a clear. The event log shows that a condition was received, but ignored because it was less than 600ms.

    So my question is: does any Quintum guru know whether this 600ms value can be changed? Being able to detect lower duration breaks as caller clears would make the box usable in the UK.

    Teodor Georgiev


    Quintum works fine when connected to BT analog lines.

    I do not think that the 600ms value is your problem. Most usually – it i a configuration problem.

    Ask TechLand, they always brag how good they are in Quintum and anything related 🙂


    Hi Teodor,

    Yes, you may be right. I may have configured something wrong. But, what pointed me to the pulse-duration problem was these entries in the event log when an incoming call clears:

    cas |01/01| 2000/01/01|00:05:54:570 |Received Message

    CAS: HL Message

    CAS: ABCHANGE Message

    [2,0,2,1] Process AB change: ABCD=0xf.

    [2,1]CasCall::abChange: ** CasState=7,ABCD=0xf

    HL Event = 6

    [2,1] casProc: Disc-Idle for incoming call

    [2,1] Start Timeout, ID = 16

    [2,1] New State = 8

    cas |01/01| 2000/01/01|00:05:55:070 |Timeout Event = 16

    Stopped Timeout T = 16

    [2,1] casProc: x4-T16

    [2,1] casProc: x4-T16, Current/Voltage (34/248)

    [2,1] casProc: Flash event occured, State = 8

    casProc: Far-End Disconnect pulse < 600mS, ignored... [2,1] New State = 7 I have already raised this with Techland. I'll post the result here.


    HI teodor

    Which do you mean techland??? how do i reach techland??… i laso have lots of questions regarding quintum configurations..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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