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wireless link needed

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    We`re trying to increase our Voip service in a small island , 60Km from leased line endpoint.
    Now we have a 256 kbps leased line , but upgrade to 01 mbps is too expensive ( about 2000,00 USD/moth)

    We are looking for suggestions about ” how to do ” a wireless link for this long range.

    We need provide a excelent service ( business customers).

    Thanks to all for yourhelp.

    Omer Ahmad

    I think you should check “MICROWAVE Link” to connect your two end points.
    You could have Satellite link. (Bandwidth through DISH).

    What do you say?


    Any point in betwen that could be used as repeaters???? A place like a mountain top, where you could setup a small post with antennaes, and a repeater could give you the range to use radio links.
    Around the Philipines there are some people that do up to four hops, from island to island.

    Look for Tsunami radios, they work on the 2.4 GHZ range.

    Best regards.
    Wilson Boyrie.


    hello alls

    Thank youfor your suggestion.

    i will check microwawe technologie, but i’m not so favorable to sat, since latency is to high.

    About repeater: the problem is that is difficult in Brazil to obtain licence for this, especially in areas ( islands coastline…) that are under jurisdiction of the brazilian Navy.

    But, i will check any option.

    Now i receive the news about trans-mux 200 by RAD…
    If somebody has some news or experience about this, please reply to this message.

    Thanks to alls

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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