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certain ports of A800 defective.

  • This topic has 8 replies, 1 voice, and was last updated 17 years ago by ishi.
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    Hi, Sir:

    Can you help what has happened to the A800 that does not detect dialtone anymore on some ports? If we do “test o X” where x is some ports 1-8, prompt says that no Dialtone detected.

    What possibly may caused this? Is this a warranted defect.

    Many thanks,

    John M.

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    Teodor Georgiev

    Hi, I have seen such cases like yours. Most likely the port has received an “overvoltage” and thus – burned. Just disable them and do not use.

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    Also, as a test, move a working line (where test o x passes) to a port that did not work and test again.

    Another thing to check is to make sure that your phone lines do not have voice mail on it where there is a stutter dialtone when someone leaves a message as the Tenor will not detect this.


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    Hi teodor,

    can you pls elaborate about overvoltage ?.. how and when does
    it happens?.. plus another question is there a way that i could change the voltage generated from a channel??? or it is not possible at all.. :).. thnx in advance teodor .. can i have your email add also?

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    Thanks Teodor and MikeM:

    Its sad I will have to turn off some of my ports.

    Is there available surge protector on the market to protect the remaining lines? Can you give some brand?

    Have someone returned their units to quintum with this defect? How much will the repair cost be?

    Also, i have found something. After disabling the channel, and do a test o again on that port, sometime it response “dial tone detected” this is weird!

    Thanks for replying

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    Teodor Georgiev

    On phone lines, the PTT (Telco) usually provides surge protection. It is one of the so called BORSCHT functions of every PSTN switch.

    (BORSCHT – Battery / Overvoltage protection / Ringing / Supervision and etc…).

    Ports can burn mainly due to two reasons:

    1. bad overvoltage protection (lighting strike)
    2. if you connect a phone line from Telco that provides BORSCHT to a FXS port at the PBX/Voice gateway, which provides BORSCHT as well.

    There is no way to change the voltage, but the new Quintum series have commands to measure the line voltage and other valueable features.

    APC produces good surge protectors for RJ-11, RJ-45 / RJ-48…

    I do not answer via e-mail 🙂

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    And I thought Borscht was a Russian stew;)

    You can also try Quintum as they did have some surge protectors for the analog units in stock about a year ago and still may have more.


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    About blown ports on Quintum:

    I found some good protectors for the Quintum equipment:
    Made by a company in California called Cylix, they are little boxes about the size of a small cigarrete box (the ones with 10 cigarretes).
    They have one female RJ 11 plug on each end, such a way that you could plug them on the middle of the line fron the wall oulet to the Quintum.
    They have a 18 inches long ground wire on the center, that I attached to a male electric plug, to get to the ground of the electric grid.

    This boxes are incredible!!! I found them in pieces on the floor of the cabinet where I keeep my Quintum overseas, with the lid blown out by lighting, and after replacing the unit, the Quintum survived.

    The only port that got damaged was because the local technician run out of boxes and put one of those in line “splicers” to put the line back together after a storm.

    I just called the company to be sure that still exist, and aparently does.

    Phone number on the US is 805 379-3155.
    Part number is MTJ04B/RJ11.

    I am not part of the company, not responsible for how much they charge!!!!!

    Just a happy user of these little devils.

    Wilson Boyrie

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    How can I test if I have probs with my ports? I have a AX series.. and my FXS does not give me any dialtone.

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