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Configuring a Quintum

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    Yes, it is the same router, Tenor on DMZ.. new carrier but cant hear calls..!



    It sounds like the carrier may be blocking the voip ports. Check with them.

    Tom H

    I would suggest that you have not set the EthernetInterface External NAT IP setting on the Quintum. Tenors use this setting for the IP addresses embedded in the H.225.0 messages; mainly for negotiation of audio channels through fast start.

    If your Quintum is using a private IP address with its fast start elements, then results will depend on which carrier you use.

    The ITSP I work for (DUAL Talk) will detect that private IP addresses have been used, and will replace these with the real IP address of the caller. Other companies will try to send the audio to the private IP address. This will fail, and result in no audio being received from the carrier.

    There is more information at


    I am new to VoIP, I’ve just deployed ASG400 and suceeded in configuring for outgoing calls, but I am still unable to configure it for incoming calls i-e couldn’t make calls land on it.

    I’ll be very gratefull if one helps me figuring out.

    Noname to Noman

    There is a asociation that you need to make on the PSTN side.
    On the GUI go under “circuit configuration”,”trunk routing configuration”,and create a “hopoff number directory”
    You need to enter the prefix of the calls that you wanted to send to the PSTN side.
    Like if you are in Argentina, Buenos aires, you will enter country code 54, area code 1.
    The entry will look like “541*”, meaning that any call coming VOIP that have the number 541 followed ny any digits will be sent to the PSTN port of the Quintum.

    IF you need to send any aditional digits, like a “9” to access a outside line from the Quintum, enter that didigt or digits on the “replcement number” field of the hopoff directory.

    If you still confuse after that, try the following command:

    quintum# cmd gkroute xxxx the “xxx” will be the three or four first digits of the call that you want to send to the PSTN

    Quintum# cmd gkroute 1281 or 541, or 44.

    If everything is setup correctly, you will get a reply that incluides the I.P. of your own gateway.

    Best luck!!!!


    Thanks for the reply.
    I’ll try this configuration and will send the feedback.

    Marc Clement

    Hi Everybody,

    We’ve just bought a ASM400 Gateway to do paging in a remote IP site… I’m a real newbie in telephony and I can’t figure how to do this.

    All I need is my PBX to have a DN that will route to the Quintum and this one will pass it to an analog port to an amplifier that have many speakers distributes in the office.

    What do I have to define on my PBX (Nortel Option61 – CS1000M) to point to the Quintum ? Do I need to create a Virtual TN ?

    I’ve read a lot of papers on the Quintum site, but the only thing I found was a document that explain the particular settings the Quintum have to be configured to interoper with Nortel H323 (CS1000…).

    Someone can help ?


    we have another user login id “user” in quintum ASG400 to be logged on besides “admin”. But the default password is unknown.
    Can one help me.


    i have 15 quintums i need to config gateway to gateway to call i need to help me anybody to help me config Quintum iam waiting you to help me now


    If you have 15 Quintums, you are not a poor guy that is starting with the first gateway.
    I sugest that you pay for the job,instead of trying to get it fo free.



    I can offer you my services to configure these units. My rates are very reasonable. If you would like to hear my rates and discuss further, please send me an email at



    I need help configuring my quintum dx to send voip to pstn. For example if a call is coming from Argentina I will like my quintum to send it to pstn with a NY number. I have very little experience with quintums and I need help configuring this box. Please help

    MikeM to Nilson


    I believe that we have emailed on this subject. If you are interested in me doing the config, let me know.



    Really need some help. When i put the quintum into the DMZ i lose the internet connection. I cant hear sound when i place call

    Please help

    MikeM to Thierry


    This sounds like you may not have the modem set correctly.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 32 total)
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