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    I need some experties here. I have few Questions:

    1. I would like to know how can someone spoofed the Called ID but he still be able to recieved a call from people. ( does this possible? )

    2. Does anyone know what type of services that be able to provide you a lot of phone number and you be able to turn off and on your number ( Ex. someone call you from this phone number and the next day you call it will say the number has been Disconnected or Give a Disconnected TONE. )

    3. Does VoIP provide a lot of numbers

    I need help, i seek an investigation for my client business


    You are looking for a PBX , not a VOIP system.
    On a PBX ,you could have up to several hundred,if not thousand of phone numbers that you could manage on your own, incluiding the sending out of fake caller I.D.
    Such a PBX will need a minimun of one digital link to the outside world.
    And will work that way only on the US. Some other countries do not allow you to send a fake I.D.
    And will not be a cheap option neither.Will be looking at several thousand dollars minimun.


    thanks for the reply willie but is it possible even though you fake the caller id , you will be able to recieved an call from outside when that person called that fake ID


    Nope.When you send a fake, or wrong caller I.D. ,all what you do is sending the wrong “return address” information.
    But that number is not avaialble on the dialing plan of the phone company.
    You will not receive a call on that number.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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